Geneva International Motor Show 2019: Updates

March is here. It’s time for automotive enthusiasts to witness one of the most extravagant, incredible, and diverse events of the industry. Yes, Geneva International Motor Show is back for the 89th time this year. Stay tuned to this article as we update it regularly with the best stuff from Geneva.

Kia Imagine Concept

Kia introduces the Imagine concept with 21 screens on the inside. But apart from the silly name and a questionable number of screens, the Imagine is a curtain raiser of what Kia plans for its lineup in the future.

The Imagine stands as a swoopily shaped, somewhat muscular high-hauling electric sedan with suicide doors. A new logo badges the car along with other ‘futuristic’ elements like the LED DRL that frames that car as if it had worn sunglasses. The company has been suspiciously tight-lipped about the performance but we are told that like many others, the batteries will be sandwiched in the floor that feeds an electric motor or two.


Aston Martin Vanquish Vision Concept

The Valkyrie inspired Vanquish is set to stir up a storm if commissioned for production. It will compete against popular monikers such as Ferrari 488 (now F8 Tributo) and McLaren 720S with a V6 engine that we earlier talked about in the 003. No information about its displacement or power has been unveiled yet, but considering the F8 Tributo and 720S have conquered the 700-hp mark, we expect nothing less from the Vanquish.

Lamborghini Aventadr SVJ Roadster

Drop the top and hold fast, for a thundering 759-hp V12 seated behind you can wreak massive destruction upon you if you are caught unawares. Lamborghini’s cars have always been visceral to look at and to drive. The latest from the Raging Bull’s stable is this Aventador SVJ Roadster that chops off the roof and manages to look, if possible, even more stunning.